Company Profile - Payout2UMobile

Payout2UMobile is Nigeria's first innovative company that teaches you how to make money with your mobile phone without an Internet connection (ALL MOBILE PHONE IS COMPACTIBLE). Mobile money is a telephone banking system, it convenient secure and affordable way to send money to friends and family from your mobile phone without internet connection. With mobile money all phone users can transfer money to any recipient in Nigeria and also pay for goods and services with your mobile phone.

Payout2u mobile is a partnership organization and a multi-level marketing company with (1) mobile money (2) mobile phone security (3) Educational Scheme (4) Multilevel Marketing as its primary products. Payout2UMobile secure your mobile phone at our finger tip enabling you to make lots of money by using your mobile phone it does not matter the kind of phone you are using you can be the next millionaire. Payout2u mobile helps you to achieve your dream through your partnership and mobile money platform. You can transfer money to mobile money wallet account, transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria, buy and sell goods and services recharge your phone, pay utility bills such as DSTV, GOTV, ST ARTIMES, NEPA bill etc. It is very easy, you do not need to go to the bank to create or open a mobile money account all you need is to dial any of these codes.

"If you want one years of happiness - Grow Grain | If you want ten years of happiness - Grow Trees. | If you want a life time of happiness - Grow People."
- Payout2UMobile.


Mobile Money

Mobile Security

Educational Scheme

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Anthony Ogochuku Senior Branding and Marketing Specialist. He is also the founder and CEO of TEQ Concept Nigeria.

Maxwell Durfson Senior Consultant. He is also a Motivational Speaker and Business development Manager.

Mrs Martina Asiegbu Senior Business Administrator. She is a professional business analyst and SME strategy developement manager.